Mainka Bau

Office Design

Mainka Bau, a german construction company (800+ employees), asked Thomas Schaper Design to create the interior of their new headquarter in Lingen. Work safety is the focus of all of Mainka’s business activities – ‘’We work safe – or not at all’’. The companies CI and brand values were translated into a unique office experience. Foyer: An ‘accident free day counter’ and a ‘glorifier wall ’ showcasing the companies values and rich history. Offices: Semi-open work spaces (‘open door approach’) offers a ‘focussed work mode’, with excellent acoustics for the 150 employees, while facilitating ease of communication at the same time. Informal coffee corners stimulates social interaction and enhances the companies team spirit.


  • Location:

    Lingen, Germany

  • Client:

    Mainka Bau GmbH & Co.Kg

  • Services:

    Brand experience design, Customer journey, CI translation to spatial design, Live 3D modelling sessions, Moodboards, Concept Design, Final Design, Graphic Design, Landscape & Exterior Design and Signage Design